Mindfulness for Kids: Create a Happier Life for Your Kids by Reducing Stress, Anxiety and Depression

| January 27, 2018


How To Help Your Kids Find Peace of Mind and Happiness –
So You Can, Too!

Kids today!

Their world is so busy with endless, relentless distractions. They never seem to get a break!

Social media. Smartphones. TV. The Internet. And whatever comes next!

The result? Anxiety. Overload. ADHD and OCD. Weight gain. Behavior issues. Low grades.

It’s just not a healthy way for kids to grow up!

Fortunately, the solution you’re seeking is not hard to grasp, and it won’t be a battle like everything else.

Simply use the skills you’ll learn in this new book written by a parent who has “been there and done that” many times over.

Jasmine Warren brings you right into a world of peace and calmness – where you’ll feel what it’s like to actually have your children be at ease with day-to-day life.

Jasmine’s book enables you to help your kids achieve “mindfulness” – that blessed state of mind where stress melts away and problems seem to resolve themselves, no matter what they are.

You’ll learn where the sources of tension and conflict come from in tender young minds – and how to simply, quickly, and easily overcome them.

You will no longer be “controlled” by the natural psychological reactions that put such strains on parent/child relationships. Instead, you will be in control at all times, thanks to the proven principles and techniques revealed in this well-written, fun-to-read book.

Jasmine gives you a wide range of tools to deal with the multitude of challenges you face today.

Simple things are the key! Breathing techniques, for instance, will vary depending on your child’s age. Jasmine walks you through a variety of different scenarios for little ones to teenagers.

Decompressing is another. Jasmine’s insights will show you how to help your kids be “in the moment” instead of letting the pressures of their imagination run wild.

The best part? You’ll be helping yourself while you help your children! Kids learn by example, so Jasmine’s lessons are every bit aimed at helping you be in control of your emotions! You’ll soon discover that you have far fewer headaches and take a lost less Tylenol!

Read this book as soon as possible – and watch it change your family’s life!

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