Marty and Momo Make Bedtime Fun: (Children’s book about a Boy and his friend Momo the Monster, Bedtime Story, Rhyming Books, Picture Books, Ages 3-8, Preschool Books, Kids Books)

| January 28, 2018


Gather around parents and monster bedtime book fans! It is time for another instant nursery rhymes classic! Meet Marty, a young imaginative boy and a very adorable monster named Momo. And they are here to make your bedtime routine F-U-N!

Marty and Momo Make Bedtime Fun starts with a young child named Marty living with his parents. One beautiful night while getting ready for bed, Marty began hearing some strange scratching noises. Frightened and confused, Marty called Mommy for comfort. The noises kept coming proving that Marty wasn’t just imagining things. Mommy and Daddy knew they had to do investigate but couldn’t find anything.

Still, Marty is a very imaginative person and enjoys the bedtime stories Mommy reads every night. But this was a very different night for Marty as he heard the noises once again as soon as he started playing a game by himself.

“A voice in the darkness said, “Marty, hello!”
This voice sounded weird and it was very low… ”

It was a monster! The monster’s two green horns and purple furry outlandish look didn’t help relieve Marty’s fears until it started to smile and talk. When Marty started to overcome his fears and say something, the monster got scared too. But then something amazing happened. He started to talk and he even has a name – Momo.

Momo has a problem of his own and it involves getting ready for his bedtime routine. Marty placed his fear of monsters behind him and helped Momo by sharing the entertaining side of bedtime. Even Mommy got in on the whole thing and read a beautiful sleep book to put both Marty and Momo to bed.

The next morning to Marty’s surprise, Momo was gone with only a note left behind. Momo’s note expressed happiness in meeting a new friend along with a strong desire to return the following week. While waiting for that day to come, Momo wasted no time in teaching all of the things he learned from Marty to his monster family.

Marty and Momo Make Bedtime Fun is all about embracing all the nice things of going to bed. It might be tricky and a little scary to do on your own but you’d be surprised with the folks willing to help you. Marty most certainly had that surprise as Momo may look like a scary monster at first but Momo smiles like any nice child would. Bedtime is always more fun in pairs!

Enter Marty’s world in vivid color with full page illustrations by renowned children’s fantasy book artist Nadin Solntseva. Best read with parents out loud like other nursery rhyme books as it features tons of rhyming verses each with easy to understand and natural flowing words. Behind those verses is a key real-life lesson to learn and a couple of moral bedtime stories to keep in mind.

“Both out of breath as they had a good run,
Racing each other to bed – it’s such fun! “

Grab this monster bedtime book now and get a FREE BONUS that is a sure value for all coloring book lovers! The exclusive Marty and Momo coloring book features 5 full printable pages. Try to match Momo’s complete look or get creative and give him any combination of colors you like!

Marty and Momo Make Bedtime Fun is best for kids ages 3-5. Find out how fun all the activities are before bedtime and the joy in making a new friend. Learn the value of having a good personality and cheerful smile no matter who you are. See why Momo is the perfect bedtime buddy to have because you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!

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