Hotter Than Ever (A Middle-Aged Hottie Novel, Book 1)

| January 28, 2018


With her hallmark “Wit Lit” style, author Linda Cousine takes genre fiction to a new–and bawdier–level by spoofing her way through society’s obsession with youth, fame and fortune. Follow along as unconventional Lexi Taylor navigates the minefield that is menopause in this fast-paced fun spin on aging.

She had it all … and lost it in a hot flash.

Lexi Taylor had the picture perfect life–fame, fortune, beauty, and a loving family. But Lexi’s hit the big five-o and now everything has changed. In one year, she’s managed to lose her husband, her figure, her friends … and she just might have lost her mind.

After her second incarceration for acts committed while in the throes of menopausal madness, a family intervention convinces Lexi she needs some professional help, and she checks herself into Sunnyvale Sanitarium, Home for the Mostly Menopausal, for a ninety-day stay. With the help of an army of doctors and one very therapeutic nun, Lexi manages to reclaim her sanity, her self-respect, her sex-drive, and learn the true purpose of her colorful life.


“Middle age, divorce, dealing with children, addiction, therapy, and all of the insanity of real life comes shining through in a brutally honest, humorous, and at times gross way! You will feel the emotion, frustration, and at times hopelessness of this descriptive and well written book. Dysfunction at its best! An honest look at the condition of many family units with the day to day pressures of life as we know it. An entertaining read!” – Best-Selling Author, Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D.

The Middle-Aged Hottie series:

HOT TO TROT (Book 3)

Linda Cousine is a writer who tells people she holds a Master’s degree in menopause and a B.S. in BS. When she isn’t standing in front of the freezer or taking ice baths, she can be found at her computer writing something with the word “Hot” in the title. She lives in Orange County, California, with her husband and a dog named Dude. To receive a FREE two-book starter collection of the Middle-Aged Hottie series go to


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