Sunlight on My Shadow

| August 15, 2013


Sunlight on My Shadow

In 1966, when Judy became pregnant at the age of 16, her family kept her plight a secret. She was sent from her all-girls Catholic school to hide in a home for unwed mothers, give birth, and relinquish her baby girl to adoption. The fabricated story of her kidney disease was supposed to undo the impending damage to her reputation. Judy’s father instructed her to never look back.
Judy felt the grief and shame within her body and fought to keep it contained within the shadows of silence. But as an adult, she felt compelled to address the loss by searching for her birth daughter and bringing her story to light. Judy experiences firsthand that secrets keep your soul hidden in shame and stifle the clarity of your true being. In the end, Judy sails free from the shadows of silence and experiences a deeper, more compassionate connection with herself and others.
This satisfying story of renewal and redemption will bring tears and laughter. As an adult, Judy reflects on her teen age innocence, telling her story with raw honesty. Watch the book trailer here: Visit Judy’s blog at:


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