A Long Time Dead (The Dead Trilogy)

| August 15, 2013


A Long Time Dead (The Dead Trilogy)

A Long Time Dead is the first book in The Dead Trilogy, a series of procedural crime thrillers featuring Scenes of Crime Officer Roger Conniston. It is predominantly set in present-day Wakefield, a small city in Northern England. A Long Time Dead is approximately 92,000 words, about 330 pages.

“Forensic evidence is an art like black magic; ‘facts’ are determined by interpretation. Or misinterpretation.”

A Long Time Dead asks is forensic evidence incontrovertible? How would you feel if forensic evidence incorrectly incriminated you? And how would you prove it wrong?

In the world of crime scene investigation, Roger Conniston is one of West Yorkshire Police’s finest. Yet even he has secrets. When forensic evidence implicates him in the death of a young woman, the secrets emerge, and Conniston is damned.

Arrested for murder, Conniston must show the evidence was manipulated and planted. But how can he do that from inside a cell, especially when his prime suspect is a high-ranking police officer, and not even his friends believe him?

~ So engrossed was I in this book that I finished it in less than 24 hours. So impressed am I that I immediately downloaded the two sequels as soon as I reached the end.
~ I loved this book.
~ I thoroughly recommend this book if you like C.S.I type of books but with a more real and down to earth feel about them.
~ I’ve read all the usual suspects – Ian Rankin, Mark Billingham, Peter Robinson, Peter James, Stuart McBride, etc – and was looking for something similar. I wasn’t disappointed with Andrew Barrett. Great story, believable charters (I do hope that Weston eventually gets his comeuppance), and lots of twists.
~ Brilliant read, exciting story kept me gripped until the end. Could not put it down. Humour, sadness, violence it has it all.
~ Really well written and a great insight to the world of scene of crime forensics.

RECOGNITION for A Long Time Dead
Amazon Fiction chart position #1 July 2012
Amazon Mystery chart position #1 July 2012
Amazon Police Procedural chart position #1 July 2012
Amazon Movers and Shakers in Kindle Store #1 July 2012
Amazon Kindle Bestseller #2 July 2012
Amazon Police Procedural chart position #1 March 2013
Book Recommendations on Goodreads June 2012
Goodreads UKAKF Group Book for September 2012 – 3 Acorns (a ‘Must Read’)
Number 8 in the Top 100 UKAKF books

The Dead Trilogy:
Book Three – NO MORE TEARS

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