How to Create a New Life Experience: Tools for Transformation (Personal Development Book) The Ultimate Guide

| January 30, 2018


«People usually tremble, when they are about to fly, but you can stand in your garage all your life and never feel a sense of flying.»

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Have you ever wondered why adults, being in right mind, bring their reality to the point that they want to change everything and become a different person – modify the way of life, interests, surrounding, etc.? The reason may be depression, despair, boredom, but…

Maybe it’s just a new stage in life, and there’s nothing wrong with that?

Any healthy individual needs jolts for their mentality and new ways of life for self-realization. If there is a thought in your head “I want to change my life,” then you obviously need a jolt. However, not everyone has enough strength to walk towards something new. Especially relating to what I can offer you. I study what is beyond the five senses, namely a vague world of human souls and minds. The reality turned out to be ‘flexible,’ and our little world, which is treated so seriously by everybody, is just a piece of universal fun. All the experience I have passed through, together with more standard material knowledge – psychology and philosophy – help me to look at our reality from an unusual angle and change the mentality of people in the right way.

Let’s agree right away: knowing the tools of transformation and using them are two different things. Many people cannot overcome this gap, they “know everything and read everything,” but they cannot even get off the ground, say nothing of radical changes. I have always been amazed by this phenomenon and encouraged to explore, using both my example and illustrations of my friends’ various life stories.

“The first thing you should do is to stop reproving yourself. You have to understand yourself, accept and forgive in any scenario. Moreover, you should let the mistakes of the past go. ‘Let go’ means stop clinging to the past. Let bygones be bygones. The real transformation begins only when you are in a state of friendship with yourself.”

Here You Will Learn…


    • Where Does the Transformation of Personality Begin?


    • The Main Reason for Failure, or Why Am I Not Successful?


    • Where to Find Strength for Changes?


    • Trials on the Way – What Do They Mean and How to Overcome Them?


    • Job and Life. How to Realize Your Potential in a Professional Sense


    • BONUS! Changes Without Changing Yourself, or Traps on the Path to Conscious Changes (Complete collection – save $2.99)


  • Much, much more!


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