Children of Zero

| January 31, 2018


Earth might be humanity’s only home in the universe, but there are other universes out there waiting to be discovered. Some of them have already discovered us.

Merrick Kettle has a menial job on an American military base in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Depressed, directionless and unhappy with his life choices, he’s looking for a new start – a start that will help him erase the mistakes of his past.

A universe away, a skilled and ruthless swordswoman named Saeliko is the quartermaster of a feared privateering vessel in the Sollian Sea. Ambitious and fearless, wickedly curved scimitar in hand, she plans to spark a mutiny and lead her crew into a life of violent piracy.

Neither of them could possibly know that their lives are about to intersect. Nor can they comprehend that their actions might determine the fate not just of their own worlds, but scores of others in the connected multiverse.

For Merrick to survive, he’ll need to come to grips with a new reality while battling his own insecurities. For Saeliko to survive, she’ll need to be as clever as she is deadly.

Children of Zero is a fast-paced adventure that crosses over between science fiction and fantasy to create a tale of grand conspiracy, treachery and unlikely heroes. Fans of Neal Stephenson and Richard Morgan will love this mashup of future tech and cutlass-swinging, bloodthirsty pirates.

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