Inhuman Contact

| January 31, 2018


An alien space station appears beyond the orbit of Neptune. A mission of first contact is launched. But this crew was never meant to be in charge…

When disaster strikes the spaceship Ascension, the reserve crew of Artificial Persons are all that survive. To complete the mission they will have to somehow overcome their conditioning, unlock their potential and become truly human.

The first prequel in the Galactic Arena Series, Inhuman Contact explores the story of Mission Zero and humanity’s first encounter with Orb Station Zero. It examines the origins of the Artificial Persons Program and why there is pro- and anti-AP terrorism on Earth in the main series. It can be read before or after Book 1 Orb Station Zero, or as a stand-alone story.

The Galactic Arena Series
Inhuman Contact (Prequel 1)
Onca’s Duty (Prequel 2)
Orb Station Zero (Book 1)
Galactic Arena Book 2Coming soon!


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