The Noble Anthony and His Lady Cleopatra

| February 1, 2018


A powerful cat. Her canine protector. The Wilkinson family will never be the same…since the time of the pharaohs, the English Mastiff Anthony and the Abyssinian Cleopatra have made it their mission to watch over children and their families.

Anthony and Cleopatra could not wait to meet their new family at the Animal Shelter in Bowie, MD, but Michael and Michelle Wilkinson were very confused. They had never seen a bejeweled cat perched on top of a dog’s head before. But when their two boys formed an instant bond with The Big Dog and Michelle found herself captivated by The Cat with the alluring green eyes, they simply had to take them home.

From making new friends both human and animal, to adventures in The Forbidden Catnip Patch, nail biting rescues, or even dressing up for tea parties, The Big Mastiff and His Lovely Lady win over the hearts of all they meet and share with them the wisdom of the ages. But when they find that strangers from their ancient past have followed them to the present time, Cleopatra will have to use her magical powers to protect her Beloved Anthony and The Family they both love. Will it be enough?

The Noble Anthony and His Lady Cleopatra is a heart pounding adventure and magical fantasy tale for children and adults of all ages. If you like dynamic dog and cat duos, with a dash of ancient Egyptian magic, then you will love this exciting tale. The first in a series by Paulette Gaines Wood.

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