The Secret History of Hatty Ha Ha … begins

| August 15, 2013


The Secret History of Hatty Ha Ha ... begins

Hatty lives on an island in the Caribbean and is afraid of mosquitos and the sea. She longs for friendship, love and the truth about her history.

But nothing is easy for her and she is constantly met with a wall of silence and a general sneer from some of the locals.

But when Jake visits his father Murray, who is also Hatty’s secret guardian, the young couple are instantly attracted to each other. He realises there is a tale about this young woman which is heightened by speculation and gossip about her background… stories regarding her parents, his father and her.

But unknowingly the young couple’s lives are closely intertwined and their bodies do the same, as the heat of the tropical sun is transferred to their lust for one another.

There are too many secrets being hidden about her life and slowly but surely, each one is discovered, only hurting the people around until something is revealed making Hatty doubt her very existence.

A mysterious and turbulent sexual tale of young love, deceit, jealousy and passion mixed in with the conflict of deep rooted prejudices and regret … The Secret History of Hatty Ha Ha … begins.

************ BOOK UPDATED JUNE 2013 ***************


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