Trackbacks Simplified.

| July 29, 2007




When I first started this blog, I wrote a very long and overly technical post on trackbacks. It’s time to simplify things. A trackback is just a way of notifying a blog publisher, that you linked to one of their articles.


In WordPress, when you create a post, go to the bottom of the page, under the upload section. You will see Original Excerpt, Trackbacks, and Custom Fields. Click the + sign on Trackbacks.

Trackback URL

In the Send trackbacks to: field, enter the URL of the original post you are linking to. Most posts have trackback URL info, on the bottom of the post. You can also copy the post URL, as long as it is the one that refers to that individual post, not the entire site.


A pingback does the same thing as a trackback, except you don’t have to post any additional URLs. When you link to a post on another blog. A pingback will appear in the comment section, of the post you linked to. This happens automatically.

Pingbacks Enabled?

Not all blogs have pingbacks enabled. Therefore you may want to manually enter a trackback, to let them know you linked to their article. Doing both may be considered spam. If your pingback does not show up. You may want to go back and add the trackback URL.


Teli Adlam wrote a great tutorial explaining trackbacks for WordPress.

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