Last Suppers Laura’s Tale A Killer Recipe

| August 16, 2013


Last Suppers Laura's Tale A Killer Recipe

Laura Ashland had always seemed proper. She was always fascinated by subtlety. She dreamed of everything having soft edges, movements that flowed one into the other. She always liked voices and music soft and melodic. Long before it became fashionable, she glossed her lips with a dab of petroleum jelly to give them shine but not accentuating them in an unnatural color.
Then she met Tom. He had dark wavy hair and muscles defined and enlarged by workouts. She followed the course of action to gain a husband outlined in the book she believed.
Laura and Tom married. After a while, life changed. Laura made plans that weren’t included in the books she read by A.W. Legworth. In this novela you could say her plan became her recipe for life and for a menu option. Her plan proved deadly.


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