Cross Cut

| August 16, 2013


Cross Cut

A careful and inscrutable serial killer has taken his eighth victim in three years. No one, not the police, the FBI or the press can conjure any meaning or reason to his actions.

When the eighth victim is found dead mere hours after visiting the renowned private investigator and solitary genius, Kendra Ryder, events and authorities bombard her beach house, leaving her no option but to put her mind to work.

Only she and her dependable legman, Ader York, can possibly hope to reveal the true nature of the murders. But they must watch closely. The killer and his methods appear to have a history that go far beyond the eight victims in California, and Ryder soon realizes that all events are spiraling toward her, and that to contain them will require risk and sacrifice.

About the book -:

A detective novel that is unapologetically hard-boiled and spare in its progression, with many nods to both the golden age of detection and the more modern crime-thriller. Possesses a compromising blend of convolution that allows readers to analyze and interpret, while at the same time possessing a narrative that allows other readers to follow the story with interest.


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