Stand-Up One-Liners for DJ’s and Lothario’s

| August 17, 2013


Stand-Up One-Liners for DJ's and Lothario's

Product Description : One Hundred Stand-Up One Liners for DJ’s and Lothario’s

* * * * *
“Let’s face it, not everyone can be a natural wit …well, that is until now!”

* Develop super-confidence
* Be the life of the party
* Be even more successfull with your audience
* Flirt shamelessly

“You have to have at least ‘SOME’ charm to be able to use stuff like this, it’s not for joke collecters who’ve heard it all before, it’s for a young and vibrant audience who haven’t – It works – I’ve used every line on a live crowd with excellent results, and let’s face reality, you don’t get a centre page spread in a national UK newspaper like The Sunday People unless you’re doing something right!” –Steve James.

• ‘Don’t buy any more bras love, it’s not worth it’
• ‘It’s not cooking, it’s arson’
• ‘I’ve seen better dressed wounds’
• ‘Life’s too short… so are you’

…and one hundred more lightning fast one-liners, quips, retorts and banter for up and coming Personality DJ’s and Lothario’s.

Back cover;

THANKS TO ‘The Sunday People’ for the centre page spread!
‘Chat-Up Champs Charm School’ (More at:

“I got some lines I’ve not heard before and after 20 years on stage, that’s a novelty! …and for the price of a packet of fags so well done lad! You taught and old dog some new tricks” –Freddy Gallagher, Compere.

“You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it” -Manchester Magazine

“Very useful” -Arts Mag

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