Uncle Bill’s Farm (Uncle Bill’s Farm – Mikey explores a real Iowa farm)

| August 17, 2013


Uncle Bill's Farm (Uncle Bill's Farm - Mikey explores a real Iowa farm)

A perfect, short, bed time story for young children. Complete with pictures of a real farm.

Mikey visits his Uncle Bill’s farm in Iowa. This is the first in a series of kid’s books about a real, working, Iowa farm. In this first volume of the “Uncle Bill’s Farm” series Mikey comes for his first ever visit to a real Iowa farm where corn, soybeans, hay and cattle are raised.

Uncle Bill takes him for a tour around the farm showing him the buildings on the farm and teaching him what each building is used for. Complete with Mikey’s pictures of the farm. The series progresses as Mikey learns about farming, tractors, machinery, how to plant and harvest crops, as well as how to care for the land using sustainable practices.

“…An enjoyable educational read that left my kids excited to read the rest of the series.” –


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