Snake on Saturdays, a romance for our times (Llanelli saga)

| August 19, 2013


Snake on Saturdays, a romance for our times (Llanelli saga)

A romantic novel set in Wales and France


Jean Gill has expertly captured a relationship between two people and kept me hooked for a few days, as I have been unable to put it down.’ - 
Nicolle, goodreads

Book 1 of the Llanelli Saga
Helen Tanner lives alone and likes it that way. She runs her own business, spends her evenings out with friends, and tries to think as little as possible about the tragedy she has left behind. Until, that is, a dark-haired vet walks into her shop and into her life.

Her first unpromising encounter with Llanelli vet Dai Evans turns into a tumultuous affair which brings about irrevocable changes for both of them. Dai becomes closer to his farming family, and helps them through the BSE crisis, while Helen is forced not only to consider a new future, but to face up to a troubled past.


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