Over the Shoulder

| August 19, 2013


Over the Shoulder

On a hot night in London, Tony Mortimer shoots his old school friend Jonah, cuts off his hand, and wraps it ready for fingerprinting. His girlfriend, Diane, has demands which chime with his: “Get out now and stop looking over your shoulder”.
Welcome to Tony Mortimer’s life, an enforcer whose Robin Hood ideals have long since disintegrated. Caught between the only life he has ever known and the high standards of the only woman he has ever loved, he knows he has to kill his boss Frederick.
Complicating it all is a newly found family of five brothers, most of whom treat him as their welfare state, and two sisters. All of them share a father, a deceased and lionized patriarch; none a mother. Following a lonely and bitter childhood, he’s delighted to have found them. Now they swagger about the city like wannabe gangsters, he wishes he could lose them. As blood spills and stains everybody around him in the sweatiest, grimiest, hottest summer that rainy Sheffield has ever experienced, Tony will seek his way out.


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