| August 20, 2013



A selection of mystical love poems, GRAIN is for the mature reader whose delight is to curl up in a comfy spot by the fire and drift off into a world of dreams never dreamed.

In that silent solitude, you can hear your ever-present, always already there, still voice whisper words of inner comfort and guidance.

An English sonnet sequence of 28 classic love poems and one long contemplation on death and dying, GRAIN knits love and death together into a mystical union, a peaceful dying unto that meaningful enrapture which is the Love of God.

Believing that contemporary poetry can be a most beautiful poetry, the author defines this selection as when “withdrawn into silence of mind, a whisper in solitude bespeaks coming of Compeer,” – Sonnet 20: GRAIN.

Your next step is to read the excerpt from GRAIN.

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