The Amaranth Bloom

| August 20, 2013


The Amaranth Bloom

Katherine Dernison’s father believes his philosophy of the Amaranth Bloom can create a world without war. But when their ancestral home is threatened by the South African apartheid government, they must put their beliefs into practice. Katherine learns heartbreaking lessons about love, loyalty, loss, and the truth of her father’s words: if you aren’t actively fighting for something, you are actively fighting against it.
Beautifully written, joyful and tragic, thought-provoking and enchanting, The Amaranth Bloom offers a humanistic approach to ending war that will inspire you to become an active peacemaker too.

“THE AMARANTH BLOOM is sheer magic. Gorgeous writing, irresistible characters, a sense of wonder that won’t quit.” —Bruce McAllister, author of Dream Baby and The Girl Who Loved Animals.


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