Cara Mia (Haven Crest)

| August 22, 2013


Cara Mia (Haven Crest)

CARA O’BRIEN is an attorney at Devlin & Devlin, her sister and brother-in-law’s successful law firm in Haven Crest. She’s spent the last nine years getting her college degree, law degree and practicing law and realizes she doesn’t like the work or the small town where she works.
She’s alone at the law firm late on a Friday evening, finishing some work so she can begin her nine day vacation. She has no concrete plans, but she knows all the hot spots in Philadelphia and she intends to make the most of her time off work. Her natural exuberance and quest for fun has been stifled too long.
Cara hears a high-performance engine pull up out front and goes to the window to see who was on the quiet street at this time of day. She peeks out the window and sees a tall, dark and handsome man get out of his Lamborghini and walk up the steps to the front door. When he spots her and calls her Cara Mia, she thinks he knows her name. She lets him into the office.
RICARDO FORTINI has gone to the wrong address to pick up the call girl he’s arranged for to be his make-believe wife for a week while his mother is visiting from Italy. He’s told his mother that he is married, because she harangues him about getting married and giving her grandchildren.
The mistake soon becomes apparent. Cara scoffs when he suggests she play the role of his wife for the week, but when he takes her dancing and she melts in his arms, she reconsiders it, and as a lark, she agrees.
They both soon realize the act they display for his mother has deeper roots than either of them want to admit. Cara learns that Ricardo travels the world for business and is seldom home. His extraordinary wealth affronts her when there are people in need. It’s not how she’s envisioned a relationship with a man she loves. Ricardo knows that a wife and children would be an encumbrance to his lifestyle, but he can’t deny how Cara taught him to have fun in his life, something that’s been sorely missing.
Can these two opposites, with such diverse lifestyles and goals, resolve their differences? And if they can, will Ricardo expose a character trait that Cara cannot abide?


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