Green Smoothies: Tasty Recipes to Boost Energy, Detox, and Lose Weight. (The Vibrant Energy Health Series)

| August 23, 2013


Green Smoothies: Tasty Recipes to Boost Energy, Detox, and Lose Weight. (The Vibrant Energy Health Series)

Feeling great, losing weight and having a healthy body doesn’t have to be difficult! This book starts with showing you basics of how green smoothies can easily detox your body and give you more vibrant energy.

Discover great-tasting recipes tasted by millions. The book contains easy-to-browse format for inspiration and for detailed mixing instructions. Each recipe offers useful hints of the benefits of the ingredients used of why it’s good for your body. It’s easy to make simple delicious green smoothies to give you live a healthier life.

This guide will show you many ways to create healthy green smoothies without sacrificing flavor. Learn the simple techniques that make the green smoothies delicious! You’ll be able to boost your energy all year-round.
No crazy changes, no throwing away half the food in your fridge. You’ll create a flexible, personalized plan that gently eases you into better eating habits and loose fat. Find out how to give your body and taste buds what it needs by reading the remarkable information that’s in this guide!

Here is what is included:
• How to create healthy delicious smoothies any time of the day
• The secret ingredient that cleans and your body
• Why Greens can boost your Energy
• How Green Smoothies can Focus your Mind.
• Why most people don’t actually benefit from eating greens.
• The Myth behind eating Protein.
• The pros and cons of eating Raw vs. Cooked food.
• Is it Better to Juice or Blend?
• How Green Smoothies melt those Extra Pounds.
• The Power of Green for your Immune System.
• Tricks for sneaking vegetables into your diet.
• How Greens can Protect your Heart.
• How Green smoothies can Improve your Skin and Hair.
• What Vitamins and Minerals your body will easily get.
• Know the top Anti Inflammatory foods to eat for Health.
• The Simple way to get started.

You’ll enjoy over 50 healthy and delicious recipes, easy-to-follow mouthwatering recipes using everyday fresh fruit and vegetables, Healthy lifestyle tips to lose weight and much more!


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