The Science of Interpersonal Relations: A Practical Guide to Building Healthy Relationships, Improving Your Soft Skills and Learning Effective Communication

| February 9, 2018

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From first dates and successful relationships to friends, colleagues, and new acquaintances unlock the hidden secrets to successful communication with anyone and learn to flourish in any environment.

Guaranteed to change the way you think about relationships forever, The Science of Interpersonal Relations empowers you to identify those communication skills you need to work on and develop powerful techniques that will ensure your interpersonal relations thrive.

Your Complete Guide to Transforming Your Relationships

The Science of Interpersonal Relations is a book unlike any you’ve read before, not only in its approach to improving romantic relationships, but also on how to strengthen bonds and communicate better friends, family members, and even colleagues.

To really help you change your entire approach to communication, the book is split into two easy-to-read parts.

In part one, you’ll change the way you think about the different relationships in your life and develop a whole new mindset that will lead you to healthy, positive, long-lasting relationships.

You’ll discover:

-The real reason why so many relationships break down, and how to prevent yours from doing the same

-How to identify when you’re being emotionally abused, and how to make it stop for good.

-Powerful solutions for dealing with negative people and protecting yourself against emotional vampires

-The secrets to successful assertiveness and the right way to say ‘no’ to anyone

-The links between personality styles and communication, and how to get the best out of any conversation with anyone.

In part two, you’ll learn the tools and techniques you can put into action RIGHT NOW to start transforming your interpersonal relations for the better, including:

-Proven strategies for setting boundaries without hurting the other person

-The simple way for to help you meet your partner’s real needs

-Effective techniques for identifying your partner’s need for validation and providing it

and much more.

Discover the Real Reason You Don’t Have the Relationship You Want – And What to Do About It

-Single and struggling to find that ‘perfect’ someone?

-In a relationship that you suspect might be in serious trouble?

-Dating someone you’re convinced is ‘The One’ but not sure how to take that relationship to the next level?

Then this is the one book you can’t live without.

Whatever situation you’re in, single, dating, or struggling to keep that long-term relationship alive, you’ll find simple-yet-effective instructions on how to create positive connections with the people in your life, including:

-How to determine what you really want in a relationship – and the red flags to watch out for that tell you someone really isn’t right for you.

-How to turn heated arguments into positive experiences that help you and your loved one become closer and happier as a couple.

-How to identify if you’re in a codependent relationship – and what to do about it.

-How to have “The Talk” about the state of your relationship and approach the subject of turning casual dating into something more serious.

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