The Extreme Algebra Workout (Book 1)

| August 24, 2013


The Extreme Algebra Workout (Book 1)

Have you ever done a Workout before?

I mean the type of WORKOUT that requires you to work hard for the RESULTS that you want.

If you liked the RESULTS that you got after doing that Workout then this book is DEFINITELY for you.
Math is Super Cool – The EXTREME Algebra Workout is an EXTREME Workout that will help you to get the grade that you want in Algebra. You will have a team of friends that will motivate and inspire you to do your best so that you can get the RESULTS that you want. You will no longer have to be stuck with failing grades or disappointments. So give it a try. The worst thing that could happen is that you actually enjoy reading it and then remember that this is a Math Book you are reading.


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