Juicing Jump-Start

| August 24, 2013


Juicing Jump-Start

Juicing may be one of the easiest way to create a new and healthier “you”. The benefits of juicing are becoming more and more recognized by not only athletes and health professionals, but by the general population as well. Thanks to the availability of so many juicing recipes people are discovering that juicing for health is not at all difficult. Now you can find great juicing recipes for weight loss that will allow you to create your own customized juicing diet plan. Then there are juicing cleanse recipes that will help your detox your liver and even ways that you can get get into juicing for life to help your body fight the harmful effects of aging. Thanks to the many different types of juicing machines on the market today it is not difficult to make juicing a part of your every day living.

“Juicing Jump-Start” is your blueprint to reaping the juicing benefits mentioned above and more. This book will help you get started even if you are a beginner and know next to nothing about juicing or someone who has decided to give this activity a try, but has no idea of what kinds of juicing machines there are to chose from or what they do. Even if you are a seasoned “juicer”, you will find some great juicing recipes in this book, along with a collection of tips to make your juicing easier and more effective. Here is a glimpse of what you will find in “Juicing Jump-Start”:



Benefits of Juicing

Selecting a Juicer

Kinds of Juicing Machines

Recommended Juicers

Getting Started Juicing

Juicing To Lose Weight

Juicing Cleanse or Juicing Detox

Juicing For Kids

Juicing For Life

Juicing For Health

Juicing Recipes


So if you have been sitting on the fence about trying “Juicing” it is time for action! Let “Juicing Jump-Start” be your guide on your journey to attain better health and hopefully a longer life.


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