Savage Deception (Liberty’s Ladies)

| August 24, 2013


Savage Deception (Liberty's Ladies)

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Diana Montaigne is promised to another man, but the moment she sets eyes on Briarhaven’s overseer, the highborn beauty is aflame with uncontrollable desire.Tanner’s muscled arms make her want to be held, his lips make her hungry for his kiss. But then she learns he’s her fiance’s unacknowledged half-brother. Ashamed, she swears she’ll hate him forever for making her disloyal to the man she’s supposed to love and plans to marry.

When the half-breed Tanner caressed Diana in a moon-dappled grove, his joy knew no bounds. Here was a woman who didn’t care about his ignoble birth, who would respond to his demanding kisses. But when Diana suddenly shuns him and marries his brother, Tanner is consumed with rage. Storming off the plantation, he vows to return to conquer the two-timing vixen. Then in a lifetime of passionate nights and wanton days he’s determined to reap the rich rewards of her savage deception.

Originally published by Zebra Heartfire.


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