Mourningtide: Book Two of the Memphis Cycle

| August 24, 2013


Mourningtide: Book Two of the Memphis Cycle

Eighteen years have passed since Seti commanded the Royal Army in THE CITY OF REFUGE. Now he rules Egypt as King.

While Seti is far away to the south, his eldest son is ambushed and killed through a senseless mistake. His family sends word, but it is not delivered. Seti returns to learn that his son is sealed away in a tomb. With grief weighing heavy upon his heart and yet constantly under his subjects’ gaze, Seti cannot bear his grief.

He seeks anonymity and healing in a small village only to learn that marauders from the western deserts have been attacking the town, which is helpless to resist them. During that short summer, the greatest warrior king of that dynasty teaches them the art of battle, and in doing regains peace, finds love again, and learns that a King is still a man.

MOURNINGTIDE is a story of loss, renewal and love set against the background of the Valley of the Kings.


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