Everybody Wants You Dead

| August 26, 2013


Everybody Wants You Dead

Chris Chandler was living the dream.

Life as a fifth-year senior had become one massive party. All
he would have to do was push through a couple more
laughably easy classes and he would graduate. Then it would
be right back to drinking, smoking, and chasing tail.

In one night, it all came to a screeching halt.

It began simply enough: A couple of post-bar cocktails, some
elbow-bumping with friends and campus elite. But after
stumbling into the wrong room, he finds himself suspected of
killing his best friend Abbey Peterson. With a sea of partygoers
turning on him, he has no choice but to run.

He sticks to Minneapolis side streets and crashes on friends’ couches,
trying to survive, desperate to clear his name. Until he has enough
to come forward, he’s going to have to figure out how to stay one
step ahead of the police, led by the fiercely determined Detective
Hollis Ramsey. With new details and potential players emerging, Chris
finds himself in constant peril as he comes to realize Abbey Peterson
may not have been as perfect as he once thought.


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