The Captain’s Door

| August 27, 2013


The Captain's Door

“I’d painted that night sky long ago, adding a star each time I lost someone I cared for deeply. Every star bore a name, and I called out each aloud as I counted.”

At the helm of a tall-ship stands Mina Paradis. She may look young, but Mina’s spent a lifetime serving her family and country. Now she’s tired, so tired, of following orders and watching her friends grow old and die while she never ages a day.
Desperate to escape the slow suffocation of a circumscribed life, Mina prepares to break the terms of her indenture. Such treason threatens to propel her through an intensely personal struggle to save herself, spare her crew, and face an adolescence long-delayed.
The Captain’s Door opens the Mina Paradis series with a unique exploration of obligation and independence set in an alternative 19th century. Fans of character-driven fantasy, like that of Ursula K. Le Guin, will appreciate the slower pace andliterary build.

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