Let Us Be! A Mining Saga: Is the Gold Worth the Water?

| August 27, 2013


Let Us Be! A Mining Saga: Is the Gold Worth the Water?

Bud and Sarah never expected to fall deeply in love for a second time. They did not foresee murder and mayhem in their once-pastoral Cherry Creek Springs. They could not anticipate that the secrets they unearth would rewrite Nevada history.

Twenty-five years after parting ways, their improbable reunion quickly evolves into an intense reborn romance in northern Nevada’s sprawling outback where modern gold mining foments death, danger, and deceit in the place of innocence they once called home.

In this provocative and absorbing novel, Chris F. Fotheringham meshes fact and fiction to create a sweeping canvas revealing the rural West’s unraveling social fabric.

Bud Foster, the sure-footed reporter, chronicles a looming showdown between the Feds and restless Sagebrush Rebels. Sarah Stetson, a renowned lawyer, is hell-bent on saving her sister’s farm from a Colorado mining company. Together again, they begin lifting rocks, delving into the deepest dark to expose corporate ineptitude and government malfeasance. Their separate missions merge, challenging the efficacy of the 1872 Mining Law amid a roiling uprising against the heavy hand of government intrusion into the people’s right to home rule.

As the saga unfolds, Sarah discovers a long-held Stetson family secret, as Bud dogs a series of brutal murders. When journalist Cassady Randolph arrives in town, her exuberant and beguiling presence threatens to derail the investigations, as well as Bud and Sarah’s rekindled love.

This insightful novel illuminates the societal shifts today’s gold mining is creating in America’s rural West, including the infusion of an insidious corporate culture and the clear and present danger open pit mining poses to the environment. Steeped in historical fact, “Let Us Be!” boldly cuts to the bone by confronting the question: Is today’s gold worth tomorrow’s water?


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