SEO 2013: The ABCD of Advanced SEO 2013- Guide for Technical Audit and Penalty Analysis

| August 27, 2013


SEO 2013: The ABCD of Advanced SEO 2013- Guide for Technical Audit and Penalty Analysis

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The ABCD of Advance SEO 2013 edition is for those who wish to become a professional SEO consultant. Uncover the secret of money making “Technical SEO Audit” business. Google has started curbing the spammers with a series of algorithm updates known as Panda and Penguin. In 2013 and beyond, SEO will be all about optimizing the website structure and getting high quality backlinks from the quality websites. SEO is evolving and the guide will provide you an insider SECRET.

Ever wondered how pro SEO companies make their business? Have you ever thought how an eCommerce and WordPress SEO expert work? If you are a brave soul and want to look beyond a traditional link building and on-page optimization, then look no further. The ABCD of Advanced SEO 2013 covers the essentials of optimizing WordPress and eCommerce websites. This comprehensive guide includes a step by step methods to do technical audit and Panda and Penguin penalty analysis. Let those snake oil sellers know that you know a TRADE secret. No longer can they fool you with their gimmicks and false promises.

The technical SEO audit will give you an in-depth understanding of a technical aspect of the website while penalty analysis will help you in understanding Google Panda and Penguin penalty. The ebook also covers a recovery implementation method. In case, if you have been suffering from the PANDA penalty, then this is a must have ebook for you. Why pay thousand bucks to SEO expert when you can do it for FREE?

On February 11th, 2011, Google unleashed the fury on low quality websites with poor or thin content. However, many top-notch websites also found themselves getting punished by Google. The entire SEO world was shocked and clueless as to why Google penalized such websites in first place? Later, they realized that the poor website structure lead to such penalty.

Are you one of those owners who still do not know how to find out which penalty has affected your website and how to get rid of it? The ABCD of Advanced SEO guide helps eCommerce and WordPress users in finding out the issues those are skin deep. No fluff and bluff ahead. It is a straight-to-the point guide which will provide you a tons of FREE SEO tools that you might have never heard of. Look over the shoulder of the one of the prominent eCommerce and WordPress SEO expert and how he managed to find out issues in his client’s websites? Beware, this guide is for ADVANCED users.

Do you still wonder what is it about? Well, it is all about “The technical audit” of your website. In a nutshell, this ebook will empower you to find technical issues and glitches in your or client’s website. You will learn a new definition of SEO optimized website with this guide.


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