Al Kibar

| August 28, 2013


Al Kibar

6 September 2007. A non-descript building in the Syrian desert is destroyed in a midnight air strike by jets from the Israeli Air Force. In the days following the attack, the governments in Tel Aviv and Damascus say nothing.

24 April 2008. In a public statement, the Director of the CIA announces that the destroyed building contained a reactor that would have been capable of producing plutonium for nuclear weapons. He adds that Syria had constructed the building with help from North Korea.

He was wrong. It was something worse.

Major Charlie King is a U.S. intelligence officer, working in Seoul. When he find out that North Korea is preparng to send a suspicious shipment overseas he alerts his superior officers. His reward – to be scorned and kicked out of South Korea in disgrace.

From across the mountains of North Korea, inside Iranian military bases, and the corridors of his own government, Charlie King’s enemies are arrayed against him. But in a story that blends real-world and fictional events, places and people, Al Kibar follows Major King as he seeks out new allies while attempting to stop one of the worst weapons ever created from falling into the hands of the most dangerous people in the world.

About the author
Malcolm Garcia is an ex-Air Force officer and intelligence analyst who performed in a variety of Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance roles. These included several deployments to the Middle East and East Asia. He likes to read novels by Tom Clancy, Frederick Forsyth, Alex Berenson and David Ignatius and hopes that one day one of them will read something written by him.

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