Secrets and Lies – (A Medical Suspense Thriller Novel)

| August 29, 2013


Secrets and Lies - (A Medical Suspense Thriller Novel)

  • Amazon Bestseller in Medical Mystery & Thrillers

“Its a great story with a mystery/thriller twist!” ~ David Ramsey “djjramsey”

Fantastic and suspenceful thriller and mystery” ~ Dorothy “DottieH”

Suspenseful to the end!” ~ Paulineh


After a long love affair Jason and Sharona finally tie the knot and ends up spending their honeymoon in Costa Rica. They have everything going for them love, money, careers and a bright future. But Sharona’s world comes crashing down when Jason is killed in a freak accident.

Devastated by the loss of the love of her life, she returns to the US and tries to pick up the pieces with the help of her best friend Felicia and Jason’s father Edward. In her attempts to move on she meets a handsome stranger, who just happens to work at the same  pharmaceutical company Jason used to work.

Is it a coincidence or is there more to this man called Dr. Diego Cruz who desperately tries to sweep her off her feet?

I dare you to guess will happen to Sharona when this doctor made his advances and why there is a mysterious person appear out of nowhere from…? 


Will there be more peace when Dr Diego Cruz appears or is it something that this person wants from her?

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This is a well written story with lots of twists and turns. It is well detailed and concise. The facts are so well laid out that you can follow the storyline easily…This is Book #1, so we know there is a second book coming. I think this book is well worth the read, and I can safely predict that Book #2 will knock your socks off. I recommend this book highly.” ~ Dorothy


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