The Adventures of Man-Man, Defender of Man: (Episodes 1-10)

| February 3, 2018


If a poll was taken, who would be crowned the greatest superhero of all time? Would it maybe be Superman? Possibly Batman? It could of course be any number of the contenders who have populated the superhero stage. Well, I do believe it would surprise the reader to learn that the winner of that contest would actually be Man-Man, Defender of Man, and it would surprise the reader because Man-Man is, without any doubt, the absolute worst superhero ever in history. This book contains the first ten episodes of the superhero parody saga of Man-Man. Buy the book and you will experience the excitement and heart pounding action of episodes such as, where it all began “Episode 1: The Battle Against the Evil Tree” or maybe “Episode 3: Behold the Supermoon”, as well as “Episode 5: Man-Man Meet Medusa”. or the reader heaven of “Episode 7: Man-Man Vs. Mr. Tsunami”, and if you don’t buy the book you would be missing the story that ends it “Episode 10: Commemoration”. I would say that with Man-Man on the case you have nothing to fear, but, with Man-Man on the case you really, really do..

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