The Wolf’s Curse

| February 27, 2015


The Wolf's Curse

***Must Read for Middle School Students and Parents***
Friendship, bullying, and being misunderstood by adults are the everyday challenges for middle school students. This book confronts real life issues while applying humor and a fantasy spin.

The Wolf’s Curse
Humans know very little about Leprechauns. Very few know the truths behind their gold, their laws, or their magic. Even fewer know that they have been cursed for centuries. This curse has brought upon an enemy that will stop at nothing to taste sweet Leprechaun blood.

Through an unlikely sequence of events, a young boy saves a Leprechaun from a wolf. A friendship is instantly formed, but with dangerous consequences. Join Franky on his journey from being the kid who is bullied by everyone to a kid brave enough to confront a wolf.

***** 5 star reviews *****

“Thoroughly enjoyed reading this story! Would love to see the story continue! Putting a spin on an old tale with new ideals and plot twists!

I would recommend this as a great escape into a whole new world book! One I would read again-especially if the author comes out with a second in this series! Oh, the adventures yet to be had for this cast of characters.

Great read-well worth your money to read!

(Keep an eye on this author-he has what it takes!)”

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