Soccer Games – Jessica’s First Soccer Goal

| August 30, 2013


Soccer Games - Jessica's First Soccer Goal

It can be hard to join a new sport or new activity when you know nothing about it. Worrying about what others will think of you or if you will fall flat on your face can be too much to handle for some kids. These are the feelings that Jessica goes through in this kids’ soccer book by KP Baker.

In “Soccer Games – Jessica’s First Soccer Goal” Jessica learns how much fun it can be to join a team, even though she thought she would never understand how to play soccer games. You and your child can go on the journey with Jessica as she finds out the excitement of joining a team and even learning the soccer rules. Jessica learns the value of trying something new and taking a chance.

If you want to:

• Encourage your child to try a new sport or to join a team that he or she has been avoiding due to fear of the unknown
• Teach your child how exciting it can be to try something new and find out that they are good at it
• Show your child just what he or she can accomplish with a little encouragement

Then “Soccer Games – Jessica’s First Soccer Goal” is the perfect book for you and your child. Take the time to sit and read this kids soccer book together. After you finish reading, you can talk about the activities that your child has been avoiding for fear of being bad at it and encourage him or her to give it a try. Buy “Soccer Games – Jessica’s First Soccer Goal” today and get your child on the right path to success whether it is playing a soccer game or participating in any other kids’ activity.


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