Magic Child (Book Three of The Ways of Magic)

| August 31, 2013


Magic Child (Book Three of The Ways of Magic)

In the mind of one person, all things are likely…

Mina finally remembers who she is. What she is. And why she wanted to forget it all in the first place.

Now that she can do anything, all she wants is to act normal. Now that she can be anything, she yearns most to be human, and accepted by other humans. Now, when even the Den’shu cringe at the sound of her name, she hangs on to her one saving grace in all of the insanity that her existence has become: love is love, no matter how it came to be.

When enemies turn into friends, and friends turn out to be enemies, even the ends of the Universe are not enough space for her to hide in. The fate of All hangs on the fragile life of a Den’shu girl, a girl-ancient, whom Mina has come to see as her own. Now will be the ultimate test of her Ultra-Brilliance. Now will be her making – or her breaking. Now she must give her all for the child.

Magic Child


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