Woman (Book One of The Korsh Herem Wars)

| August 31, 2013


Woman (Book One of The Korsh Herem Wars)

Book One of the The Korsh Herem Wars

The year is 3522. A thousand years ago, we humans finally got our act together. We finally unified under one government. We finally stepped forth from the cradle of Terra, and into the playpen of the Galactic scene… and right into the middle of a Galactic war.
Crashdem it. We, of course, are on the losing side. The Enemy is implacable, unescapable, and doesn’t play well with others. And all that stands between us and their domination of our Sphere is a race called the Moi’r’rns.
What can I say about the Moi’r’rns? They’re big. They’re strong. They have the fastest nerve-conduction of any in our Sphere. And they are defragging crazy.
Crazy for what? You guessed it.



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