How to Grow Kale – Secrets to Growing Award Winning Kale in Your Backyard

| September 4, 2013


How to Grow Kale - Secrets to Growing Award Winning Kale in Your Backyard

Kale – The amazingly simple superfood that you can grow with great success in your own garden!

Kale is one of the most nutrient dense superfoods in existence. It is also one of the most the most overlooked greens. Throughout history though, it has been regarded as a food staple and a source of high nutrition to many civilizations. It truly is a superior superfood that you too can grow in any sized garden.

Whether you have a windowsill box, a rooftop garden or a garden in your backyard, you can grow delicious and highly nutritious kale. The greatest part is that your homegrown kale can be harvested almost year round. Add it to your juice or smoothie, salad or main dish – Anytime and with ease… Once you start growing you own kale!

This simple nutrient packed green thrives anywhere and actually likes stress and cold early frost or winters. Growing kale is one the best things you can do for you and your family’s healthy eating.

How to grow kale? This guide will show you the techniques to simply and easily grow kale wherever you live, in any climate and any location with ease. Kale is very sustainable and can be grown organically with success. Many people even grow kale as an edible landscape for their yards or urban areas.

Discover the common kale strains and varieties: red kale, purple kale, Curly kale, Russian kale, black kale and others. Learn the pros and cons of each kale strain, and planting secrets that will make your kale THRIVE.

Fully Illustrated – Now includes: Bonus kale recipes


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