Tales of the South Atlantic

| September 6, 2013


Tales of the South Atlantic

Adam Conrad has spent half his life trying to forget the events that snuffed out his career and nearly cost him his life. With the aid of Richard, an eccentric Post Traumatic Stress Disorder therapist, and a troupe of characters whose lives are revisited between the Falklands War and the present day, Adam begins to understand the significance of two key events from the war, remembered in his nightmares, which shook up his life but also changed our world.

The tale is also about a long lost love affair that has echoed across the years until finally he discovers that some things can never end.

By following Adam and his friends, his loves, Tales of the South Atlantic shines a light on the dirty underbelly of war and its aftermath. Although, perhaps more importantly, it also illuminates what some people can become and what all of us are ultimately capable of.


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