The Bride Price (A Historical Romance)

| September 6, 2013


The Bride Price (A Historical Romance)


Sheltered Creole beauty Bryna O’Toole was raised in a convent in Louisiana, until the day her father sends for her to join him in Morocco. She’s just arrived at his Tangier mansion when his enemies kidnap her and sell her to a “marriage broker.” Against her will, she is now bound for the glaring white sands of Arabia and the harem of lecherous wastrel Nassar bin Hamza.

Bryna’s only hope of escape lies with the powerful uncle of Nassar bin Hamza, Sheik Sharif Al Selim, noble lion of the desert. But Sharif’s honor keeps him far away from Bryna, his nephew’s woman, despite their incredible attraction. As the caravan journeys on, love clashes with honor, ecstasy with terror, as the handsome Sheik and the Creole beauty will discover if they’re meant to be together, forever.


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