COLOR MY HORSE (Romantic Mystery)

| September 7, 2013


COLOR MY HORSE (Romantic Mystery)


Reader Views Literary Awards Finalist

2012 Lories Best Finalist

Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® Finalist 

A disillusioned heiress is catapulted from the glamorous world of Alpine skiing into the cutthroat trenches of Thoroughbred racing.

The hunky trainer’s job now includes babysitting a manipulative owner’s rebellious granddaughter. She’s the last thing this horse-loving loner needs…but she turns into the only thing he really wants.

Sparks fly. Romance blooms. Danger threatens them all!


More Praise for Color My Horse

“Recommended for those who love character driven romances, those who
love stories where heroines who are full-of-life meet up with the
reserved type of hero. And of course, for those who love horses. You
cannot find an author who practically grabs you with the way Bev brings
the culture and life of horse training and racing to life like she
does…Amazing Read!” – Maldivian Book Reviewer

“If you like horses or have ever been curious about Thoroughbred racing, you’re going to love this one…” Night Owl Reviews

“I was pleasantly surprised at the twists and turns of the storyline, as well as at the rather surprising ending. I would highly recommend “Color My Horse” to any lover of solid, intelligent romance and mystery…” – Reader Views

“I look forward to reading more books from this author. Thank you for a well written and enjoyable book.” Five Stars – Romance Novel Junkies

“Mixed with some mystery, attempted murder, adoption, friendship, and love, this is a story that is very enjoyable to read! I loved the different plots weaved throughout the story, which added a lot of intrigue and excitement.” – Books In The Burbs


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