Hand-Me-Down Love

| September 7, 2013


Hand-Me-Down Love

The author of “Love Weaver” returns with a poignant story of love and loss in the picturesque town of Bay Point. Marla promises her dying sister that she’ll look after her husband and help him deal with her death. Months later, Marla begins to question what that means. How far should she go to heal the wounds of her late sister’s husband? How can she heal herself?

Set against the backdrop of a sparkling blue bay, Jennifer Ransom weaves a tale tinged with sorrow and true love.


“ Jennifer has done it again – Another Great Success! ”

“ From the time I began reading ” Me Down Love” until the last word, I literally could not put it down for even a moment! ”

“ The story moves along so nicely, with wonderful character development, to where you feel as if you actually know Marla and Sean and the Anderson’s ”

“It starts off strong and stays strong until you reach the end and are left wanting more. Can’t wait to read the next book from this author. ”


From the Author:

“I grew up in a family of artists–painters, musicians, furniture makers, chefs, actors, and writers. The entrepreneurial spirit runs strong in our genes. It was no surprise, then, that I married a Renaissance man, talented in visual arts and music. We are living a creative life. I love being a romance novel writer. Even though my books are all different, I think of them as a romance series really because each one is about people who are “free spirits.”

I was also fortunate to grow up with some great cooks around me–my grandmother, my mother, my stepmother, and our housekeeper. I learned something from each of them about cooking that still influences me to this very day. Most of all, I learned that cooking for others is a loving act.

So, whenever I read a book that includes elements of creativity like cooking or decorating or music, I am happy. I can relate. Like the great Kay Scarpetta mysteries that sometimes include actual recipes. Or when I read a book about a character that makes a living without relying on an employer. That makes me happy, too. As a long-time employee, I like that idea. I think a lot of people like that idea.”

About my other novels:

In my first romance novel, “Love Weaver,” the main character, Sunnie, is a woman born in a small mountain village in Alabama.

After attending college in Tennessee, she ends up in New York City married to a very successful lawyer. Sunnie has made a splash on the New York art scene with her beautiful woven wall hangings. Life is good — until she learns of the affair her husband is having with a co-worker.

Betrayal and divorce behind her, Sunnie heads back to her small town in the mountains of Alabama to try to put her life back together. After reconnecting with old high school friends, she comes face to face with some hard, cold realizations about herself. Oh, yes, and there’s a love story, one that started in high school, though Sunnie knew nothing about it. An unknown love that put a wedge between her and her best friend. Sunnie never knew why, until she goes home again.

My most recent romance novel on Kindle is a time travel romance called “Come Down In Time” that spans the infinite possibilities in life. As I wrote, I thought about all the little and big decisions we make, and how they affect our future. I thought about family and love relationships, and how every action we take affects those relationships. I thought about forever, eternal love and wondered if it always transcends time.

Jennifer Ransom


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