Salvation Jane

| June 14, 2014


SALVATION JANE: A political conspiracy

Things haven’t gone too well for Jane Patterson; her boyfriend exited and as a parting gesture emptied her bank account. An unexpected bequest from her late uncle is an opportunity for a fresh start. Convinced the legacy will change not only her luck but her life, Jane heads off to Western Australia to claim her inheritance. Her expectations of owning a five star hotel are shattered when she meets the dilapidated dump’s cliental. Figuring it’s going to take a few dollars to turn the homeless shelter into a trendy back-packer’s hostel, she turns to her local politician. She is surprised and delighted when he agrees to fast-track a tourism grant. But then he hasn’t told her of his plans to ban vagrants from the streets and criminalize homelessness. When Jane discovers her conscience, she finds herself playing the politician at his own game.

Reader Opinions

“Cynical politics, greedy corporations and the realities of social conscience in the western world.”

A politically-charged drama based on a real event in Australian politics”

“A realistic reflection of politics around the world”

“Romance, mystery, political thriller, sociological treatise, comedy, drama – all there”

“Political intrigue with a splash of romance”

Salvation Jane: a “political conspiracy thriller” that turns the tables on scheming politicians.

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