Deadly Talley, (The First Twelve Chapters)

| September 7, 2013


Deadly Talley, (The First Twelve Chapters)

How could a good cop go so wrong?

My name is Dean Talley and I’m going to tell you how I became a rogue cop. After twelve years on the streets I was able to move my badge from my shirt to my belt started working homicide. The combination of a broken justice system and bearing witness to the horrors one person can inflict on another had pushed me to the edge. My boss and the other cops could see I was headed to a meltdown. I began working cases alone, pushing the paper and feeding the system.

That ended the day my wife became a victim. Holding her hand as she lay tethered to machines I decided to turn my back on the job and the majesty of The Law. I created my own system of jurisprudence. No motions. No deliberations. There is only the verdict and passage of sentence.

The First Twelve Chapters available here are also contained in the complete work, Deadly Talley. If you wish to forgo the sample, search for Deadly Talley.

“I loved the book! Ken Consaul’s Dean Talley character is up there with Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe and Nelson DeMille’s John Corey. The characters are so real and likeable I found myself rooting for them even when they went off the beaten path. This book is especially fun reading for anyone in the SoCal area; the OC it is not a typical location for books. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.”
–Amazon review of ‘Deadly Talley’-


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