Hawaii or the Caribbean?: A guide to choosing your perfect island

| September 8, 2013


Hawaii or the Caribbean?: A guide to choosing your perfect island

Turquoise seas, white-sand beaches, palm trees and fruity drinks – both Hawaii and the Caribbean Islands have all the ingredients for a dreamy, tropical getaway. So – how to choose?

Let Lonely Planet’s Hawaii or the Caribbean? eBook help.

This engaging and useful eBook gives you the information you need to choose the perfect warm-weather getaway. It starts with an incisive introduction that helps you narrow your focus to one of the regions. This is followed by features that rate the islands by interests, top activities and key attributes. From here, you can link to profiles of 29 Caribbean destinations and the six major Hawaiian Islands, with information on why and when to go, weather patterns and picks for the best accommodations, beaches or dining options.

This free island chooser was created from Lonely Planet’s latest Caribbean Islands and Hawaii travel guides. Each guide was written by a team of dedicated authors who immersed themselves in island life, finding unique experiences and sharing practical and honest advice so readers can get the most out of their trips.

Inside Lonely Planet Hawaii or the Caribbean?:

  • Profiles of 29 Caribbean destinations and the 6 major Hawaiian Islands, including why & when to go, best places to stay, itineraries and more.
  • Overview of both Hawaii and Caribbean Islands
  • Useful Need to Know chapters filled with pre-planning information such as climate data, costs, resources, visa information and transportation
  • If You Like… features that rate the islands according to your interests
  • Islands at a Glance features that summarize what each island is known for
  • Full color styling and images
  • Easy-to-read color maps

Check out Lonely Planet’s new eBooks including Caribbean Islands and Hawaii.


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