The Ivy Is Forever Green

| September 8, 2013


The Ivy Is Forever Green

In this beautiful historical romance set in the mid 1880’s, Nita was sold into bondage for her father’s debts and lived a life of abuse until she escaped. The struggles and hardships she endured were horrific, until a man comes into her life, changing everything. Excitement, love, tragedy and sorrow and an ending no-one will want to miss.


The day was hot as Nita sat atop the fence, staring out over the fields. She shoved back the wet tangled curls from her face and absently wiped sweat from her brow. Early in the day she had decided she would take no more orders from Kelly. If he beat her… so what? He had beaten her before and she had always survived. She laid abed many nights and planned her husband’s destruction while she ached from a beating or overwork, but in the light of day she could never carry out her plans. Not because they weren’t good plans, but because she knew she could never hurt anyone nor anything.

Nita gazed out over the fields she helped to plow and sow, where she had stooped so long that she could barely raise up and walk back to the house. Out of love, she would have gladly done this labor, but with Kelly, there was only hardship, ugliness and hate. Nita closed her eyes for a moment and daydreamed of floating on her back in a cold pool of crystal water with goldfish swimming about and white, graceful swans keeping watch. She imagined herself gazing up though blossom ladened branches, at a blue sky with fluffy clouds and the singing birds fluttering happily back and forth above her.

Nita was jerked back to reality when she heard Kelly’s wagon on the road. She jumped from the fence, picked up the hoe and was hard at work by the time he rounded the curve in the road and pulled the horses up beside her.


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