Son of a Serial Killer

| September 8, 2013


A psychological thriller…

****Readers recently voted this book #1 on the Goodreads ”Best Books About Psychopaths’ and ‘Best Serial Killer Books’ and also ‘Unique Plots’ lists!****


Ben Green is a troubled young man, losing his mind and hearing voices. Worse than that, his nightmare is just beginning…

Detective Inspector Summers hates dealing with drug addicts, thieves, violent men and women, rapists, child molesters and murderers. She wants to be a doctor in a surgery, saving the lives of the sick. Instead, she deals with the sick and twisted.

Finally, she gets handed the case she wants, the reason she joined the force… Her investigations lead Summers closer to Ben, and his involvement to the case slowly becomes clear…

Psychological Thriller – Contains adult content – Sex & Violence – 18+

-“an excellent, suspenseful, emotional, psychological thriller”

-“you actually feel the mental anguish, guilt, heart broken pain and confusion”

-“a smart, hip, slickly written serial killer thriller”

-“Most definitely had a few surprises in the story.”

-“plot was interesting with a number of twists.”

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GET CLEAN by Jams N. Roses
Cocaine is everywhere. Young men and women sniff the ‘recreational drug’ as often as they spark up cigarettes or sip beer. It’s typical of a generation
educated by music videos and tabloid newspapers…

I’m Jimmy Walker, a smart young man with a caring family around me. I’d have the world at my feet, if only I wasn’t addicted to white powder. A change of scenery can be a good thing, but it turns out that moving from suburban England to the south of Spain isn’t the best idea when trying to get clean. The Costa del Sol is Europe’s main point of entry for my favourite poison.

Under the Marbella sun, I’m falling deeper into the darkness of drug addiction. With pockets full of cash and bags full of Coke, I’m being led astray by a psychopath named Jason, an Aussie who loves the sort of random violence I’d only ever seen in films.

Getting high is easy, and so is hitting rock bottom… But can I Get Clean?

Based on true events – Contains adult content – Sex & Violence – 18+

-“This author wrote an excellent novel….It’s dark, raw, venegeful”
-“I loved this book – full of everything you’d expect from its summary! It made me laugh, but was gritty and the drama built to the very last line!”
-“a fantastically written book and will rate very highly with those who also ‘lived the dream'”
-” Very entertaining. Laughed so much at some of the situations.”
-“Really well written and kept me gripped to the end. Would definitely recommend.”
-“This book had me on the edge at every turn. Would highly recommend.”
-“A very well written and gripping story, I could not put it down.”

The tragedy begins as Amanda watches her sister fall through the broken ice. Heartbreakingly, Samantha doesn’t reappear until the following day, when her lifeless body is pulled from the water. The devastation continues as the family falls apart under the weight of emotional pain and unfair blame.

When overwhelmed with guilt, how does a child cope with a death in the family?

Drama / Tragedy – Adult Content – Sex & Violence – 16+

A satirical story, ‘Extremely England’ is a naughty novella full of farcical fun! Contains rude and crude humour – Not for the easily offended!

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