Travel with Confidence: A Roadmap to Build Your Travel Spirit

| September 8, 2013


Travel with Confidence: A Roadmap to Build Your Travel Spirit

Travel with Confidence: A Roadmap to Build Your Travel Spirit (previously published as the Fear-Crushing Travel Guide) helps you overcome travel fears and anxieties with confidence and practical action. Our travel fears range from leaving home or leaving our pets behind to going to new places and foreign countries. In Travel with Confidence, you learn step-by-step how to travel with confidence.

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Travel does not discriminate; we can all travel. It is not reserved for a special few. This book makes travel accessible to you.

It helps you eliminate your travel fears of leaving home, jobs, children and/or pets behind, going through the motions of air travel, choosing the right travel companions or traveling solo, fears of flying, and traveling on a tight budget and making sure everything is taken care of in your absence at home. The book also helps you with ensuring your safety on the road, dealing with culture shock and language barriers, and doing it all with limited time and budget.

The guide is perfect for you if you say YES to the following:
√ You want to eliminate your anxiety and fears about traveling.
√ You want to stop worrying so much about leaving your home or taking a vacation from your job.
√ You want to leave your darling pets behind in excellent reliable hands.
√ You want to leave your children in the best care without feeling too guilty about it.
√ You want to stop feeling air travel anxiety and airport phobia.
√ You want to travel solo and learn how to do it with fun and freedom.
√ You want to feel comfortable about traveling with your friends without worries that it will affect your friendship.
√ You want to be able to take your children and/or babies along without stress.
√ You want to have a handle on culture shock, language barriers in a foreign country.
√ You want to feel good about your safety on the road and at destination.
√ You want to know what to do if you get lost, mugged, or harassed.
√ You are understand how to travel on a budget and how to make luxury travel accessible to yourself.

The author is humbled for the stellar review from Rick Seaney, CEO of FareCompare:

“Great For Home Bodies & Workaholics Alike

As a weekly air travel columnist for and USA Today, I am no stranger to travel fears (I have a “white knuckle” flyer of a brother and a “won’t board a prop plane” wife), I found Ms. Brock’s “Travel with Confidence” an excellent and snappy read for anyone with even a twinge of anxiety about moving out of their current travel comfort zone.

She leaves no stone unturned as she walks us through the steps to becoming a savvy world traveler without requiring decades of seasoning. Her common sense steps help both home bodies and workaholics alike remove all the excuses and road blocks thrown up between them and a bucket-list full of travel adventures.

Travel with Confidence first addresses issue of culture shock, personal safety and fear of flying, then it helps confident travelers take their travels to another level by saving them time and money and showing them tools to travel more efficiently.

Thanks to this book, all travelers can learn how to relieve anxieties with meticulous pre-planning: the author provides how-to’s that are practical and easy to follow. I like how she covers the basics on getting a house-sitter, what to do with pets, while reminding you not to mention travel plans on social media and the importance of a low-key departure. And don’t miss the tips on budget travel that won’t make you feel deprived, and see how you can enjoy the ultimate in luxury without paying more than you have to.”


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