A Memory in the Black

| September 9, 2013


One memory unlocks the future. Another restores the past. Only one can survive in this cyberpunk thriller…

Save humanity from itself. It is the goal of the worldwide conspiracy known as the Agents of Aeneas. For months they have struggled to explore the mysteries of Paragon, an alien spacecraft buried on the Moon. Once a closely guarded secret, word the craft has leaked, and now multiple forces plot to seize it for themselves.

Agent Marc Triton has breached its depths and returned alive. While Michael Flynn protects Marc from corporations that believe he knows too much, together they must confront a demon from their past: the freelancer Diomedes. Michael’s violent ex-mentor, Diomedes has assassinated a man at the heart of the spacecraft’s discovery. They must learn why.

Meanwhile, Caitlin and Felix have spotted the murdered vigilante Gideon alive in the dystopian city of Northgate. The truth behind his impossible return will pull them into dangers far beyond what lurks on Earth.

Each of them driven by a memory, their fates will soon entwine amid the blackness of Paragon

Red Muse Press edition, June 2016. Original publication date: August 2013.

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