Scales (Avery Rome Book 1)

| February 4, 2018


Hold on, because help is coming…

After murdering six people, Avery Rome was sent off to learn the ways of the Chosen. Twin souled Shapeshifters that each have a wonderful gift, the ability to become an animal at will. Unlike the curse that Avery has, becoming a Death Serpent. The vilest of all things, according to her old clan.
A Dragon.
Cast into the world, she must make her way as best she can. Protecting those around her. From herself. After finding a wonderful gift, that of Line Walking, she seeks to aid those who have taken her in, just as the Humans attack, for unknown reasons.
Now it is up to one girl to find those who would kill innocents, before they are forgotten by a world cast into a war they cannot afford.


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